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Network monitoring

The customer need:
    LTE networks need a high capacity, low convergence, redundant backhaul ethernet or MPLS network.
    Mobile providers need also to monitor the quality and the load of the services they offer that will alert and react quickly to any problem.

The challenge:
    Failures must be noticed at service level not at link level.
    Depending on the capacity of each node there are several types of equipment, with different prices, different hardware abilities and even different operating systems.

The solution:
    A set of standard protocols based on IEEE 802.1ag was implemented across the entire device range, from the low-end VxWorks based devices to the high-end WindRiver Linux devices.
    Where available, network processor or FPGA support was used to decrease failure reaction times and increase scale.

The outcome:
    The implementation is able to monitor the service functionality as well as latency, jitter and frame loss for real and synthetic traffic.
    Convergence times under 50 msec in both 1:1 and ring scenarios.