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Wireless access point controller

Wireless access point controller

The customer need:
The advent of cheap, fast smart-phones and social media have risen the need for broadband Wi-fi coverage. While this is easy to solve on small scale, by placing a single access point at home, in pubs or in restaurants, on a larger scale, like stadiums, concert halls or even smart cities, provisioning and managing the large number of stations and access points is a huge problem.

The challenge:
A large number of access points must receive their configuration from and must report to a single centralized location. The configuration for each AP must be coordinated with the one for the other APs it interacts with. The network admin must be able to connect "blank" APs into the network and be able to configure them remotely. User access to the network must also be controlled through radius vouchers.

The solution:
A web application based on php and mysql running either on a dedicated server or in the cloud creates enc...